Yamaha DT 250 1972

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Words: Don Thomas | Photos: Jock Davidson


A few years ago I read about Vinduro and new I needed to do it. Im not much of an internet buyer so I kept an eye out in the local generic bike forum and soon enough there was an ad for an unfinished project “DT1”. I went and had a look. It wasn’t ideal for what I was after, it was part way through one of those restorations targeting appearance, a fair bit of money had been spent on unimportant (from my view point) stuff and although “it had been going” it was in bits. Still it was an old twin shocker and I knew DT250s (my first bike was a 250A) so I parted with the cash and took it home.



After the normal work it was up and running and soon after I got to my first VINDURO at Castella. The motor was going good, well as it should, but the gearing (standard) was pretty high and the trials tyres pretty restrictive, especially with no rim locks. Still I had the best time on two wheels I’d had for ages and the ’round the fire’ time at night clinched it –¬†VINDURO was what I wanted.


While chasing some stuff I discovered that the bike, although engine and frame numbered DT1, was a DT2 – the Japanese are funny buggers DT1 thru to DT3 all have DT1 No.s Smiley and so it was dated about 1972. I looked at some original colour schemes and contemplated a ‘restoration’ but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered, all I wanted was a bike for VINDURO.


Now I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say the DT250s where great off road bikes, and if I did I’d probably laugh, but they do have their strong points – well point, they are good at going slow! This really became clear to me at the first Canowindra¬†VINDURO (Heaven VMX) where I had a ball just putting around taking my time and keeping the wheels doing what they’re meant to do – rotate. The course had a few testing bits but ‘Pig’ just took them in its stride, slow stride ofcourse, but after all he’s getting on a bit.
Any way you might see the rear ends of me and ‘Pig’ (for a short time as you pass) at various Vinduro, and you might even wonder ‘why the fck would you ride that’ but that’s the great value of VINDURO, it doesn’t matter what you ride so long as you do – or that’s how I find it Smiley



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